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When we don’t know our strengths and saboteurs, we feel like a scrambled Rubik’s cube, not knowing exactly where to start or how to make decisions that align with our essence!



To begin understanding ourselves, we need to identify behavior, which is the first thing noticed by people with whom we have no emotional attachment.


The second step is to understand your temperament, which is what we exhibit with people we have a slightly higher level of trust in, and they can reinforce what we express in behaviors or bring balance.


Talents represent the third phase of understanding the individual, where we primarily express them in the professional environment and they showcase natural inclinations for careers.

Refuge fields

we have the refuge fields, which show us how we behave in pressure situations.

How It Works

Participants receive instructions via email and respond to the 3 questionnaires, taking an average of 5 minutes per questionnaire.

An algorithm processes the responses and generates the correlation mapping in the four scenarios: behaviors, temperaments, talents, and refuge fields.

Participants receive a correlation mapping in PDF format with descriptions of their main strengths and saboteurs.

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